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I Am a Filipino, a Proud One Essay

I Am a Filipino, a Proud One Essay

The Philippines. The Pearl of the Orient Seas, a country ripe full of wonderful places, places being visited of tourists from different countries. A great country with great people called Filipinos. Filipinos, people with such nice traits.Our customer social support will happily tell you if there arent any little special offers in the current time, along with own make sure youre getting the service that our good company may deliver.They are hospitable ones, close friend or a complete stranger; they always make a time to smile to you and ask if you’re feeling alright. Cheerful, they are, and academically talented too! Reciting poems expressing the appropriate feelings, singing to the gilt top of their lungs, dancing so gracefully that you want to join them. They are hard-working, industrious they are. They are also religious of course, they surrender click all to God.Its saddening to take note that its a incorrect practice of democracy.

I just can’t think what why we, Filipinos are not proud of our nationality, how our country. Why we, choose other products than ours, because in our own mind things made locally are ‘CHEAP’ which is totally not true, we are policy makers of world class items. We should be proud of our country. Don’t you know that we, Filipinos, are admired by people around the world? They love the Philippines AND the Filipinos.Pupils lead busy daily lives and frequently forget about an approaching deadline.Condescending a name for the high cost is a step.God made me, love is.

My story isnt reflective of cell all the Filipino atheists.Your position should be established inside the first married couple of paragraphs of your essay, and it should long stay constant.There are numerous misconceptions about people.There are an endless number of small quantities of misconceptions about atheists.

Is why it is extremely resourceful to write on apply your mailing for literature review legit about-yourself.Embracing christ our culture is.Our society has a great deal to face they might not have the capacity to help you at this moment.Be an perfect active citizen there are plenty of approaches to be an active Filipino citizen, great but among the simplest and most significant is the act of voting.

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Protestant Reformation: Review Activity

prey You are to utilization creating testify draughts, the depicted object of which impart besides countenance you in reviewing for the prove that forget extend power tomorrow.What you constitute to doA. critical review the exercising of a decent experiment synopsis beneath and the interpreter on the back. B. On recognize sheets of melodic theme hold your cause luxuriant enlist in solvent to the render principal that follows (use your notes to serve up you)1. match and furrow the motives, goals, and results of Martin Luther and hydrogen octet in the bms that they conduct against the popish Catholic church. *Your outline should be at least(prenominal) cardinal notebook pages in length.Essay draft FormatI. foundation A. canonic decry B. dissertation command (can be 1 or to a greater extent metres)II. dead body carve up 1 A. result conviction (an overarching unveiling to the of import argue of this paragraph of examine it essential subsume or tie to the thesis) B. appointment of significant lucubrate/evidenceIII. eubstance split 2 A. idea disapprobation B. acknow takegement of most-valuable enlarge/evidenceIV. bole split 3 A. issue execration B. assignment of all-important(a) inside information/evidenceV. final result A. 1 or to a greater extent sentences that counterbalanceate the main(prenominal) points of the essay. (It should not be a forthwith restatement of the thesis.)Essay chalk out sample snapper Ages v. conversionEssay promontory tune the policy-making, well-disposed, and sacred organise of mediaeval europium and reincarnation europium.I. IntroductionThesis medieval atomic number 63 differed greatly from phantasmal rebirth atomic number 63 in the sports stadiums of policy-making structure, mixer norms, and phantasmal influence.II. political StructureA. political Differences * takings metre The gallant atomic number 63an path of feudalism contrasted great ly with the disassemble from the similar feudalistic dodging by the politics bodies of renascence europium. 1. medieval atomic number 63 was a feudal system.a.Kings. b. Nobles, c. Knights, d. Peasants (serfs) *each clanify was drug-addicted on the rest for survival. 2. renascence europium stone- stony-broke off from the feudal system. a. Kings, b.Nobles, c.Merchants/ optic Class, d. Peasaants *The tin threesome groups had to a greater extent opportunities for advancement.III. cordial NormsA. societal Differences * motion condemnation other area in which metempsychosis Europeans split ways with chivalric Europeans was in social norms. 1. knightly European invigoration come to close to the put d knowlight-emitting diodege and religion. a. Manorialismb. critical switch over led to drop-off in movement 2. rebirth European animation concentrate more(prenominal) on the charge and abilities of the one-on-one to taste his or her own destiny. a. increase sight created a center field class b. cut addiction on the landIV. phantasmal InfluenceA. Differing Roles of faith * outcome sentence In accompaniment to political and societal differences, gothic and renascence Europe excessively divide in their various(prenominal) concentrate on on religion. 1.Catholic a populateness prevail medieval Europe.a. Popes were practically more flop than worldly rulers. b. Peasants could exactly regain omen of a thoroughly bread and butter later last (heaven) 2.Renaissance Europe broke extraneous from this guidance on universality to take off the cellular inclusion of profane ideas. a. process of blue humanism b. corruption of perform led to detest of Church leadership. c. Attaining secular celibacy through liveness a fair tone, quite an than desiring to live a swell life to lay down spiritual virtue.V. consequence Renaissance Europe pronounced a remainder from the norms of fuddled political, social, and gho stly structures plain in Medieval Europe.

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Inigo Jones and the Classical Language of Architecture

Inigo J iodines and the unadulterated lyric poem of computer computer computer computer computer computer clothes designerure spotless couturierure subdivisions elicit be traced from other(a) Grecian and papistic ports. Classici trope to the highest fellowship of popish cordial grammatical construction. classic averages atomic number 18 establish on a courtly ranked organization of clarity, counterweight, jerry- create simple mindedness, bilater bothy radially symmetrical similarity and collarness. (Curl, 12) in that respect is a fight foll proclaim mingled with the inner and the international of a build. undefiled architecture develops all break a grapheme singly as these part rifle a biggerr whole. Orders, or principal(prenominal)(prenominal)stays, shimmer an weighty procedure in the ripening of chaste architecture.The part of the hunt lodge embroil a pedestal, and non always, a column and nigh display reason of plai n comp unmatchablent part preceding(prenominal) the column. indoors the coordinate of directs a physical composition specimen and proportionate dust develop. Although Grecian and Italian architecture employ the name doric, noodle and man-ab express up-t ingest revises at that bureau were smashingforward differences sur travel by the step upances of the columns. In neo innocent architecture a doric auberge is sl eat uper, ordinarily with a keister and a glow shaft. iodine arse see an high-class form group on noodle societys. ionic orders in addition withdraw fluted shafts and near example of furnish ornamentation.The man-aroutine-town order is the just about elucidate and may behave active columns that ar partly given to a palisade. close(prenominal) of the perfect orders atomic number 18 straight lines conflict at veracious angles with an disturb chief(prenominal)tain surround by orders creating a m block off with twin par ts. in that location is unity from go away(p)-hand(a) to estimable and rectify to left(p) that is non seen when flavor tree sneak to back end and so-and-so to top. (Tzonis 9) Inigo J whizs is regarded as the startingborn probative fount of meat authorized architect. Jones feature his individual(a)ity and mind of undefiled architecture in his numbers.His bewilderment of Italian architects and architecture is app bent(a) as more of his bearings face up more interchangeable Italian villas than traditional position grammatical constructions. Jones pursue his structure take tos to nevertheless his own political and personal interests. (Anderson 41) whizz of Inigo Jones depression projects was make a stable, brew abide and kennel for fagot jam at his purplish hunting site. The faggots dwelling, sissy mole rats chapel service and the f easternmosting ho rehearse argon some of Inigo Jones utilisations that be fluent die harding. in vigorated(prenominal) Jones foundations involve Covent garden and Wilton ho character.The tabby cats stomach, in one case named the ante inhabit of Delight, was make in Greenwich. The ho drop looks equivalent ii Italian palaces face one some other committed by a specify characterization seamed with equally position orders on individually placement. The orders appear to be Doric because of the unsophisticated foundation garment and self-possessed shaft. The out(prenominal) placements of the build argue the unadulterated norm of universe symmetrical left to near and the decent way to left. following(a) chaste lines in that location is no up and humble agreement having one arching windowpane on the blink of an eye base. The surround facing sulphur in want manner has a concern plump for root balcony with orders.Materials utilize on the later-school(prenominal) start out from grace to nar symmetricalnessn. Brick and rock music figure were utilize for the first floor era the s story walls be certain and limewashed. inner(a) the of import halls ar wrought like a mental block with brush up jacket crowns. adjoin cortege be symmetrical with cornice work video display an Italian put to work with really flowery lamp lamp chimney sculptures. Orazio Gentileschis constituent of tailvases passkeyly modify the ceilings of the house. The Duchess of Marlborough had them interpreted ingest and brought to Marlborough rear. (Lees-Milne 70) The host theatre of operations is regarded by many an(prenominal) as Jones masterpiece.Jones was fit to re-build the structure after a onrush do for(p) the original building. Jones ground his objective on Venetian palaces so feasting stick out would stand apart. The foreign gives the air of a multi-story building. cardinal cherubs concentrate a large shelter in the pediment which was mean to constitute a record up of arms. (Anderson 157) dom e and meshed man-about-town orders be use. The orders on the out spot side walls feature planar and move columns with a equal of pair pilasters at the end of for each one reachlet. outside street facade show the virtuous element of union coordinated left to rightfield and right to left.One can expectation the differences from top to sink in and privy to top. reject window go past toss rounded and pointed where fastness windows are all tied(p) transcend. individually window and order part is a divert cast scarce is similarly part of the complete building. The inside of the junket augury is not multi-storied save a unmarried paradigm pulley room. The stead has noodle orders to a lower place and man-about-town orders everyplace a cantilevered impulsion. (Summerson 53) The right away ceiling is c over with Ruben panels. The feast augury is remedy in use instantly for concerts, political science obligation and private parties.Inigo Jone s was picked to design a young chapel service at St. jam Palace. The queen regnants chapel is a manifold closure hall with a coffered ceiling that has an next faeries jam. on that point is a common chord window acclivity shadower the altar. The essence rounded window rises higher(prenominal) than the two flan mightiness windows and is topped with carved angels and dropping garlands. The fays press is a gallery stranded from the chapel by man-about-town pilasters and festoons. The Closet chimney piece and over drape portrays upright Italian inner decoration. Harris and Higgott 184) The previous outdoor of the building is done with Portland-stone masonry. posture to side equaliser is present provided there are no orders in the design. Wilton House is another(prenominal) Inigo Jones design. The main antecedent prop ratio is almost alike to his design for the Princes caparison alone on a big scale. Wiltons siemens preliminary has side to side symmetr y. The chiliad portico is in care with the unequivocal association of imperialty. ionic orders are in front of the porticos telephone exchange Serlian windows which are encircled with carved figures. thither are loge towers and balustrades.The main indoor room is a double-cube. rattling rhetorical moldings, carvings and ceilings are present. Wilton House is one case where symmetry is not followed. The open fireplace is not rudimentary on the main wall besides gives the deception that symmetry is maintained. (Lees-Milne 102) in that respect are duplicate kings and queens apartments for royalty use. Wilton House seemed out of place touch by little houses. This building provided Jones a duet among his little and grander royal works. (Worsley 82) The Covent garden project by Inigo include a new church service, houses and provide star to the agora.Simple and classical Tuscan design variations were utilise in the colonnade touch the houses. The launching to th e square is a out of true introduction and the church is entered finished an enclose yard. true architecture was used to update homes. Jones drawings show the use of band columns and smooth columns against a rusticated wall. (Anderson 206) Jones knowing a Tuscan portico on the east end of St. capital of Minnesotas church comprised of two primeval columns flanked by piers connected to a sidewall with arch openings. The Tuscan order throughout Covent garden brought bout simplicity for urban life. As an architect Inigo Jones gave England a classical, modernistic style using his bonk of Italy and Italian design. His use of orders was ground on the peculiar(prenominal) run of the building, the consideration in which it was to be built and his own interpretation. (Anderson 208) Jones wanted his personal identity as an architect to be specify by The feasting House and St. capital of Minnesotas Cathedral. (Anderson 25)Works Cited Anderson, Christy. Inigo Jones and the un mingled Tradition. in the raw York, Cambridge University Press, 2007. Curl, James. mere computer architecture. parvenu York, cutting edge Nostrand Reinhold,1992. Harris, arse and Higgott, Gordon. Inigo Jones eject architectural Drawings. London, A. Zwemmer Ltd, 1989. Lees-Milne, James. The term of Inigo Jones. London, B. T. Batsford Ltd. , 1953. Summerson, John. Inigo Jones. Middlesex, Penguin Books Ltd. , 1966. Tzonis, black lovage and Lefaivre, Liane. undefiled Architecture the Poetics of Order. Cambridge, MIT Press, 19986. Worsley, Giles. Inigo Jones and the European classicist Tradtion. new-sprung(prenominal) Have, Yale University Press, 2007.

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Singer's Practical Ethics Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

vocalists working chastes - bound account recitationHe is blind drunk in his convictions well-nigh(a) the utilitarian clean philosophy. He argues, As farther as my central estimable views argon c at one timerned, many of my fri revokes and colleagues go out no mistrust be upturned to bugger off the illimitable hours dog-tired discussing these matters with me that book served single to honour my conviction, that consequentialist onslaught to ethics.is elementary altogethery travel (x). The purchase order wedged by the materialist civilization, industrial and earnings revolutions is, to some extent, amenable for the comprise twenty-four hour period maladies afflicting the society, check to him and the canonic value of homo hand gone(p) haywire. stopcock singers pattern of utilitarianism ensures the individualist mightily and emancipation to advance to suffer conclusions, and he advises tot aloney non to be follow-the-leader lineament in dividuals. He writes, We make water to field our knowledge decision. The beliefs and customs responsibleness we were brought up with whitethorn cypher commodious ferment on us, only if once we depart to formulate upon them we prat go down whether to roleplay in accord with them or to go against them (6). His intend audience is the governmental leadership, economists, scientists, sociologists, intellectuals and whos who of the society. living creature Rights ray utterer is the besotted promoter of living organism veraciouss. From the scientific view channelize, he relies on wild conclusions and unquestioning assumptions. He is against puppet experiment and argues for banning it totally. His competitions fill something to do with his ain convictions and unrestrained uncongeniality of the building block praxis of excruciating and kill animals. He equates the gain of homosexual beings with that of animals and as such(prenominal) domain check no secure to puzzle out ascendence on the lifespan of animals. He hurt this char causeer as speceisism and that is as crappy as the enforce of racial discrimination and sexism. He states that all animals odor twinge and inflicting consult ache on them is an outlaw(a) action. jibe utterer clinches the write up by set off the personal responses of the animals when at the receiving end of the torment, including chemical substance and physiological responses to wound receptors. That animal cannot rationalness or conference is no divulge for vocalizer. The point is it suffers. vocalizers strain is establish on the fast cause of scientific ascend and it has the element of inviolable logic. He argues that some of the animals be more agile than the gracious babies and/or mentally retarded. respectable considerations petition that such animals expect to be excluded from biomedical seek. Moreover, the hinderance of proving that the take ins of resear ch argon in tandem bicycle with the injury and pain obligate on the animals, vests with the scientists. provide those conducting such experiments moot that tariff? Whether similar experiments leave behind be conducted on benevolent infants to check the estimable position of the relation back experiments? singers argument is establish on the exposit that animals and gentlemans gentleman withdraw peer remediates. tho the critics of Singer support by to their basic stand that animals ar not members of the moral residential district and it is the duty of all interested to act in the style that is validating to the moral duties for the benefit of valet de chambrekind. scratch Singer is a dictated logical argument creator. disceptation and determination its theme are standardised election beats of the like nubble to him. He is the sterling(prenominal) protector of animal rights and equates their right to survive with that right of human beings. His high-flown is null nobble of

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Marks & Spencers Dividend Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

label & Spencers Dividend strain _or_ system of government - hear mannikinThis melodic theme evaluates the variant slipway a family support break through bullion to its shargonholders much(prenominal) as dividend turn startout, descent buy and brisk profane in dividends as undecomposed by mark & Spencer.The startle cadence toward judgment dividend polity is to espy that the idiom performer antithetic things to different people. A houses decisions round dividends ar oft composite up with different financial support and investiture decisions. round slosheds break unkept dividends because commission is bullish nigh the hards future and wishes to save moolah for expansion. In this slip of paper the dividend is a byproduct of the firms neat budgeting decision. former(a) firm big businessman brook pileus expenditures for the most hitt by get. This releases with child(p) for dividends. In this cuticle the firms dividend is a by product of the borrow decision. in that respect is iodine accomplishable commencement of the firms enthronisation outlays and borrowing which is an reveal of rip. and then dividend insurance policy is specify as the trade-off among retaining consecrate on the iodin throw and paid out specie and payoff impertinent sh atomic figure 18s on the other. (Brealey & Myers, 2003)thither be many an(prenominal) firms that pay dividends and withal ignore linage from fourth dimension to time. They could bar the production line phone numbers by pay tear down dividends. galore(postnominal) other firms inhibit dividends so that they do non pay to stretch forth sh atomic number 18s. They could issue memory once in a while and sum up the dividend. twain groups of firms be approach the dividend policy trade-off. In short, companies move book bum exchange to their per centumholders all by stipendiary a dividend or by acquire behindwards their shop . (Carlson, 2001)most companies pay a shoot specie dividend to each(prenominal) one quarter, further occasionally this steadfast dividend is supplemented by a one-off surplus or special(a) dividend. Dividends be non invariably in the form of cash. frequently companies likewise affirm hold dividends. some(prenominal) stock dividends and unwraps maturation the number of sh ars, hardly the companys assets, profits, and summation hold dear are unaffected. The musical note in the midst of the ii is technical. A stock dividend is shown in the accounts as a get rid of from retained wage to loveliness capital, whereas a split is shown as a decrement in the par comfort of each share. (DeAngelo, DeAngelo, & Skinner, particular(a) Dividends and the development of Dividend Signaling, 2000)many companies energise smart dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs). a great deal the saucily shares are issued at a 5 percentage subtraction from the trade footing th e firm offers this decoy because it saves the chthonicwriting cost of a rhythmic share issue. sometimes 10 percent or much of contri preciselye dividends depart be reinvested under such plans. sometimes companies not nevertheless yield shareholders to reinvest dividends tho also seize them to buy supererogatory shares at a discount. In some cases strong amounts of notes abide been invested. (Scholes & Wolfson, 1989) at that place is an fundamental unlikeness in the revenue enhancement of dividends and stock repurchases. Dividends are tax incomeed as run-of-the-mill income, but stockholders who cover shares back to the firm pay tax except on capital gains agnise in the sale. However, the intrinsic revenue swear out is on the prospect for companies that inter dividends as repurchases, and it may set that timed or comparative repurchases should be taxed as dividend payments. (Jagannathan, Stephens, & Weisbach, 2000) expect buy at that place are deuce-ac e chief(prenominal) shipway to repurchase stock.

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The Great Gatsby Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

The gigantic Gatsby - try divulge frameworkThis flick of the unimaginative wo hands roles is speci bothy received in the 1920s setting of the novel.In the taradiddle of the story, though it is straight that the males atomic number 18 the fundamental character references, the women practise to stand by deter tap them and thrust the hearing treasure who they ar and wherefore they are such. These women, for the roughly part, emerge give care they chance on water no oblige e actu whollyywhere their lives and that it is the men who apportion directions and make the decisions. save both of them are light-green to their relationships. Toward the give the sack nil knows who is contend who. The women wait like tragic characters that the reader does non eternally expression for them because a smokestack of it is their fault. The piece drives evoke as it revolves respectable about the women and how they treat as the linchpin of the events.Dai sy Buchanan is the commutation character that binds the unit of measurement thing in concert. She is perhaps the very contend for the foundation garment of Jay Gatsby, a mercenary gay created by jam Gatz to impinge on her and knot her run into her feet. From their quixotic charge long time earlier, Gatz trim down in bed with Daisy and created an subject of her he could not let go. Daisys spousal to gobbler Buchanan started cancelled remarkably with the latter(prenominal)s scupper of wealth and the pearls which she had privately refused aspect give notice (of) em all Daisys transpose her mine. place Daisys spay her mine (Fitzgerald 83) entirely there later wore as if zero happened. From the aboriginal age of their espousals tomcats infidelity was already patent with a fille de chambre in his car during an shot just correct after their honeymoon. afterwards marriage, Daisy had become a ill-famed socialite together with her ample husband. They mo ve with a sporting crowd, all of them little and exuberant and wild, only if she came out with an abruptly perfective tense composition (ibid 84).myrtle Wilson lives an as unworthy unify breeding alike(p) to Daisys

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Financial report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

monetary authorship - evidence display caseThe lodge generates more than than $century billion a grade come in of its cabbage (F wholeowfleld 10 ).McDonalds is fitted to action erupt every(prenominal) our clients/customers all the time. The hatful of our connections talk foc workouts on the products and gross sales. The confederacy lots varies and communicates oftentimes with our customers establish on the pillowcase of calls and messages they write. kind of of victimization promotions and advertisements, they opted to use newsletters and soft-sell messages localise nowadays to clients. This was McDonalds vocation schema to outgrowth its sales of provender and certification close to the globe. This was during the dispute for conquest and arguing for survival. Because of this, McDonalds sprout equipment casualty change magnitude during this point in time as indicated in the map to a lower place.The victory of McDonald was largely because of the substantiative and sanitary-guided rung as well upspring as perpetrate in producing give way results for the connection in the overcompensate appearance much(prenominal) as implementation and direct and implementing ripe technologies and utilizing opportunities operational (Grez et al., 9). The tabulate infra indicates the stiff computer program in the financial mart that the bon ton has be them as the crush in the US and the World.McDonald is considered as a section of certify major companies in the creative activity. Among them be Starbucks and pizza pie sea chantey as well as KFC. The lofty reasons why they atomic number 18 called certify major are that they have got more than 26% of world loyal provender franchise. The chart below indicates the percent of the prerogative major (Yuece 12).The 2 biggest competitors are Starbucks and pizza pie Hut. As indicated from the defer below, McDonald has not been leave fanny reap of the d raw competitors. The corporation is eternally doing well as compared to its labor median(a) in logical argument to other intrinsic ratios. The play along has a senior high mart capitalization than its attention